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Typhoon Hato causes flight and shipping cancelations

HONG KONG: Typhoon Hato smashed into Hong Kong on Wednesday (Aug 23) with hurricane force winds and heavy rains in the worst storm the city has ... > Find out more

Volume Manufacture

Without doubt, the easiest way to achieve a good discount on your PCBs is to order larger volumes so that we rationalise our manufacturing setup costs and can pass on the price advantage to you.

We also know that many manufacturers in the current climate struggle to commit to large forward volumes if a reliable forecast is not available and this can result in smaller, less commercially viable volumes being requested to satisfy only short term demands.

In order to illustrate the magnitude of savings available if you can commit to higher volumes, Momentum’s quotation team will often show not only the volume requested, but also a double and quadruple quantity so that you can make an informed decision on the price advantage and quantity you wish to purchase.

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