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Sam puts the 'tum' in Momentum


Today the team at Momentum waves goodbye to our lovely Sales Administrator Sam Jones as she starts her maternity leave period.

On a positive note, the admin department will have a lot more room as Sam puts her feet up for some well earned rest whilst counting down to the official due date of June 1st.

Without question, Sam's hard work and positivity will be greatly missed by all of the team here and we look forward not only to her eventual return to work, but also to the opportunity to cuddle the baby and get a bit broody too.

All of our very best wishes go out to Sam & Chris for an easy (and hopefully short) labour and many years of happiness for their new family.

Our 'new girl' Charlotte Stevenson will be covering for Sam's position and duties during her maternity leave and every effort has been made to ensure that our customer service levels are maintained.

Good luck with everything Sam and don't be a stranger! x