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Every aspect of our business focusses on quality in order to offer you the greatest peace of mind that you are dealing with the right PCB supplier.

Quality isn’t a rule applied at the end of the process, it is a fundamental approach to every aspect of data handling, manufacture, raw materials and the engineering and technical support that we provide.

Understanding the critical nature of PCBs means that we will always select the most appropriate manufacturer by technology and volume for your order and no compromise will ever be made on performance related criteria of the boards.

All of our factories are ISO9001:2008 approved, ISO 13845:2003, UL accredited and ISO14001 to ensure that environmental issues are taken into account when manufacturing your product with absolute excellence.

We can supply circuit boards to either IPC Class 2 or Class 3 standards to match your application requirements and all raw materials used for special applications such as peelable solder resist and LED application solder resist are the highest performing grades commercially available.

Momentum Circuits also understand the importance of ISO9001 total traceability for our administration system as part of your quality audit process. We have therefore written a totally new administration database ‘MCi – (Momentum Circuits information system)in a universally accessible ‘Filemaker’ format that allows us to trace every step of your enquiry and manufacturing order in finite detail. Our intention is to make this new database accessible to all of our customers using a secure log-in code at some point in the future as part of the rolling development and continual improvement approach to our services. This will allow immediate access to historic manufacture, previous orders and copies of the manufacturing QA inspection reports without any delays.

Momentum Circuits also operate within specific industry sectors and understand the need for sector specific approval. We work with specialist manufacturers who have been audited and approved to manufacture PCBs in the following sectors;

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Aeronautical
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Safety critical (intrinsically safe applications)
  • Communications/telecoms
  • Microwave/broadcasting
  • Controlled impedance builds

The team at Momentum Circuits have spent over a decade working with and listening to customers in order to understand what is implicitly expected from us as suppliers of quality boards. The engineers at Momentum therefore always view every single job from a customer perspective to ensure that we give our customers what we would expect if we were buying boards.

This direct experience has resulted in the following list of quality related policy decisions that will delight our customers:

  • All PCBs are 100% electrically inspected for continuity against the data NET list to avoid manufacturing opens and short circuits.
  • All PCBs will be supplied in panels that do not contain X-outs in order to assist your assembly process. If there is ever a need to supply X-outs due to either yield issues or to meet a critical deadline, we will first seek a concessionary acceptance from our customer before supplying them.
  • Our factories are permitted within IPC standards to aesthetical ‘touch-up’ small deviations or blemishes on PCBs with suitable care. However, Momentum circuits insist that any scratches, blemishes or damage to active copper features on a board are rejected rather than reworked.
  • Momentum Circuits do not accept ‘track welds’ or repairs on boards that could result in reduced field reliability for the finished product.
  • All PCBs are supplied packaging in vacuum sealed packages to avoid the ingress of dust or humidity and to allow for handling that will not compromise the solderable finish of the boards inside.

Momentum’s total focus on quality should mean that our customers do not need to worry about the continuity and performance of their assembly process. Quality governs every facet of business and is fundamental to our success and growth.

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