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Cost Reduction

PCBs can be one of the highest value components in your bill of materials, but in our experience, very few customers have time to go back and review the cost of their established lines and as a consequence, we know that many people are paying a considerable premium for their printed circuits boards.

Therefore not only do we ensure that you are quoted the most competitive price for your new PCB requirements, we also offer to review existing boards to illustrate what kind of saving can be made on established lines.

Momentum Circuits will do all of the work for you, we simply ask for a realistic volume based on historic run rates, the Gerber files and we do the rest.

We can match an existing stencil or panel layout if you desire, but we can also show that in most cases we are able to reduce the prices further if we look at the best commercial fit to a manufacturing panel.

Our inherent understanding of the build and breakdown of costs when making a circuit board allows us to look way beyond simple economy of scale savings and often the cumulative effect of several revisions can have a surprisingly positive effect on the overall cost.Talk to the Momentum sales and commercial team and see what we can do to reduce your on-going board spend.

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